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Profitable business ideas that you can start in 2022

If you want to start profitable business in this blessing year 2022,the article is useful for you.if you want to start business,don't hesitate about the amount of capital to start the business as there are other profitable business that you can start with as low as Kes 500 and you can still make good money.

Below are kind of business that I can advice you to start as 2022 is concerned.


Hatchery business is one other most business idea that I can advice you to start,as many Kenyans consume chicken products hence creating demand of hatchery business that can produce more chicks.

Capital to start small hatchery is approximately 30k but you can start with 20k if you have a power in your home,the machine goes to Kes 16,000 that hatch upto 56 eggs.You can make upto Kes 30,000 monthly when you sell chicks or more when you sell hens.

You need to locate your business in rural areas where there is a lot of space or even in urban areas when you have some space such as one acre.

2.Planting vegetables.

Everybody consume vegetables daily or weekly,it is most required in hotels and institutions such as secondary and primary boarding schools.

You need to have one acre or below to carry out vegetable plantation, also you need to have steady water supply so that you can plant your vegetables through out of the year.Buying seeds of spinach, tomatoes,kales and others can't cost you much,you can start with Kes 10,000 if you have the space or you can rent the space if you don't have it,then you can sell them to institutions and in towns where farming is impossible.You can make good money when you sell them.

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