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Kenyan who Earns Over 600k While Working as a Truck Driver Tell his Story

William Osoro Samuel Mulwa, a young Kenyan truck driver in the US, said he was introduced to the business by a friend .Mulwa gave up his career in the medical field for trucking and admitted that it was quite lucrative. He shared what it takes to become a trucker in the US, the challenges and how much money he makes.

Samuel Mulwa, a Kenyan working in the US, has shared what it takes to become a truck driver and how much he makes. Samuel Mulwa is a truck driver in the US.

UGC Samuel Mulwa gets into trucking business Speaking to the El and Nic YouTube Channel, Mulwa said that he worked in the medical field after landing in the US before a friend told him about the trucking business. "I have a friend who encouraged me to start a business. He's been doing it for six.

Mulwa then enrolled in trucking school. The main requirement is legal in the United States. “I went to his school for five weeks and paid about 460,000 KSh. Some driving schools charge as much as 730,000 KSh.” I was. "He helped me pull in and out of the trailer." The young man also highlighted some of the challenges he faced in business. “The biggest challenge is reversing the trailer. Driving on the highway was easy, but getting to the destination and reversing the trailer was a pain. Samuel Marwa confided to Marwa that the weather conditions were also difficult, with high speed winds and snow. “Also, the carrier (where you pick up your luggage) can require a lot of time before loading it onto the truck. You can wait up to 10 hours. "

Mulwa also highlights how much money he makes driving trucks abroad. "The payment depends on your driving experience, which is around 2,100." The truck driver noted that it's not an easy job, but it's important to be rewarding and passionate: " You can't make money if you focus only on money. You have to love what you do.

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