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From Selling Mitumba While In Form Two Student To Owning Multimillion Business, Story Of Mwangi

In Form Two, Patrick Mwangi started selling mitumba (pre-loved clothing) not to make money but to provide for his family's material needs.

When he was still a student at Laikipia High School, he would buy clothes from a wholesaler and then resell them to his fellow students over the summer. After finishing high school, he kept up his passion, which had evolved into a business.

Once the dust cleared at home, Mwangi made his way to Thika, where he planned to stay out of sight for the time being. Here, he linked up with a buddy who supplied mitumba goods. What had once been a pastime was now essential to his survival.

On his first day, he had a friend buy him 10 women's jumpers, which cost Ksh100 apiece. He made a profit after selling all the sweaters in a single day.

The primary focus shifted from basic survival to long-term success. Mwangi resolved to supply, albeit in small quantities, and went shopping for his own stock in Nairobi's Gikomba market.

The money was invested in the intrepid businessman's new mitumba enterprise in Mombasa. He was going to start out as a hawker selling garments on the street, but a friend of his had enough influence to help him secure a tiny stand.

He was urged by his dad to get rid of the car. It took him over a month and a half, and he had no prior experience selling cars, but the Ksh50,000 commission was an incentive he had not anticipated.

Because of this, he started caring more about the auto industry. He soon became an expert in the field, and word of mouth spread that he was the man to see if you were in need of a used automobile or wanted to sell one in your hometown.

The auto dealership, like any other startup, had its ups and downs. Despite this, he was able to put aside a portion of the commission he earned.

The young guy who formerly called Nyahururu home is now known as Mwangi wa Mercedes, a prominent dealer of high-end vehicles in Mombasa. He deals in both brand-new and pre-owned luxury automobiles.

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