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Use This Simple Method To Hatch Eggs In Your Poultry Farm (Photos)

Poultry farming is both intensively and extensively carried out in Kenya. Most of the farmers keep poultry in small scale units. Poultry farming is a very important economic activity. It creates employment opportunities, source of income, provides manure, source of tax to the government, raises the living standards of people and also it is a great source of food.

For a farmer to benefit from poultry farming, he/she must use inputs that are more economical in terms of cost. Such inputs must also have larger returns rate. This article discusses the method that a poultry farmer can use to hatch eggs without using expensive materials. Below is the method.

Natural Hatching Method.

This is the use of locally available facilities to promote the broody hen to hatch the eggs. The poultry farmer can put dry grass, wood ash or sand in carton box or any suitable container. After that place the eggs on the dry grass and allow your broody hen to settle on them. A hen will stay broody for about 21 days, which is the time it takes to hatch a clutch of fertile eggs.

Natural hatching method is very cheap as compared to artificial method because of the following reasons.

1. Natural hatching process does not require use of electricity or any other source of energy. Artificial hatcheries requires electricity to create a controlled environmental conditions such as optimum temperature and humidity for the eggs to hatch.

2. It is most suitable for a farmer who keeps small number of chickens.

3. There is no need of turning the eggs in natural hatching process as the hen will turn them. Turning of eggs ensures that the yolk doesn't stick on one side of the egg.

4. Natural hatching method is cheaper compared to artificial method. The artificial hatcheries are very expensive to buy.

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Natural Hatching


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