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Why Most Bus Companies Might Adopt The Use Of Electric Buses In Kenya

Despite the numerous myths and misconceptions about electric cars in Kenya, their uptake seems to be on the increase. according to the latest reports, there was a huge shipment of electric cars into the country. this does not seem surprising as some electric cars have been tested in the country.

Below are some reasons why numerous bus companies and SACCOs might adopt the use of electric buses for public transport in kenya.

1. They are environmentally friendly.

Even though bus companies are there to make money, they also care about the environment. Since diesel are very bad for the environment, companies might prefer to go for electric buses as they are less likely to increase environmental pollution.

2. Profits.

The main reason why bus companies exist is because they need to make tons of profit. compared to Diesel buses, electric buses are bound to bring in more profit to the companies. this is because they are caheaper to run and maitain as the cost of charging the vehicles is low comapred to the cost of purchasing fuel. Apart from that, electric buses have relatively low maintenance costs as they do not have many mehanical parts.

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