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Leave Alone Fuel Prices, See The Product That Will Increase Price But Nobody Is Talking About It

Kenyans are expecting hard times ahead after recent announcement that is basically going to affect breakfast consumers. Kenyans are expecting increase in price of milk after what is claimed that farmers have also increased the price at which they sell milk. According to Kenya Cooperative Creameries boss, it is said that farmers are now being paid Ksh12 more.

However, the price of milk sale to consumers has never increased despite the increased cost of production. It is said that producing firm's have been making major losses trying to absorb the extra expenses for consumers. The milk packets are said to go at around Ksh3 to Ksh5 more than the initial price.

The question is said to have emerged after it was realized that milk packets are missing in supermarket shelves. The amount by which a paket of milk will increase with depends on the brand of the milk. This is a sector that is going to affect people who consume milk most of the time since they will acqiure it expensively.

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