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KPLC Announces a very Long Electricity Blackout on Monday 18, October Within the Listed Area Below

Kenya Power Lightening Company has this evening announce a very long electricity blackout within the listed area below so as to give KPLC personnels a humble time in performing the national grid system maintenance tomorrow 18, October.

Electricity is key service that is mainly used in running machines in industries and feeding appliances in household. Different kind of appliances consume different quantity of electricity depending on the load ratings.

Electricity can be generated in two forms, this forms are either Direct Currentor or Alternating Current. This forms of electricity are generated differently depending upon the need of power and method of generation.

Alternating Current denoted as AC is a commonly used form of electricity since it has alot of advantage as compared to Direct Current. AC current being commonly used, it is less dangerous as compared to DC current.

Alternating Current was discovered in the early 18 Century by a scientist Nicholas Tesla who is considered to be the father of AC electricity since he modify what Faraday's discovered, that is if one cuts a magnetic field with a conductor, there is induction of electromagnetic current.

Alternating Current is commonly used because most of the component in the market utilizes AC current since the imput is higher and is capable of running heavy machine for instance Motor in industry.

Alternating Current is widely generated by KenGen Kenya since it is easy to step up for long transmission. Stepping up of electricity is basically important process so as to reduce the possibility of power loss to the surrounding.

The debate of whether Alternating Current is more dangerous than Direct Current have been widely discussed around the globe since AC was introduced in the real life situation but after every argument no one come up with the solution of the argument.

Nikola Tesla so as to ensure his project was successful, he demonstrated how less dangerous is alternating current electricity where he cut the live conductor and him become part of that flow and he never died so he concluded that Alternating Current is less dangerous.

Alternating Current being less dangerous it doesn't mean it is so friendly this is to mean one should never try this at any moment of his life since the technology has evolved and new method of electricity generation has change over years.

Kengen Kenya is the leading electricity produces in kenya headed by Managing Director and Chief Executive Rebbecca Miano, MBs have always ensuring constant and enough electricity is generated and feed into the national grid system.

Kenya Power Lightening Company being tasked to distribute electricity to the entire nation, it has always being advising their client to make sure they report anyone who tamper with the national grid system and practice any illegal activity that is against the Company Law.

Kenya Power even though being on the fourth front in digitalizing the grid, they have announce a very long electricity blackout tomorrow 18, October so as to ensure proper flow of electricity by ensuring the national grid system are well maintained.

In your own opinion, what is the dangerous form of electricity is it Direct Current or Alternating Current taking into consideration that DC flows in one direction. Let me hear your opinion on the comment section below, share and follow.

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