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Clean Beans Harvesting

Harvesting is the final stage in crop production. Many produce are lost at this stage which will lower the marketability of the product. Beans production is a lucrative farming business. For you to have clean products, here are the steps to be followed.

Maturity of the plant. After the end of the growth stage, beans are ready for hVesting. Before you harvest make sure that large percentage are dry, also make sure all the Plants has shaded leaves. This will ensure that pods cab easily break and reduce chaff content.

Method of harvesting is also important. Hand picking is veery essential as only the bean plants are uprooted. For clean products, it's advice able to picj only pods, as roots will carry with soil. When uprooting is opted for, ensure that you shake of the soil and don't uproot the bean plant with weeds.

After beating the pods to release the seeds, dry off and do winnowing,. If you do this you are quareteed of clean Beans.

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