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Forget About Irish Potatoes And Meet This Tuber Crop That Is Making Kenyan Farmers Rich (Photos)


Farming of cassava is highly carried out in different counties in Kenya. Cassava is a root tuber crop. It can be grown for subsistence or commercial use. Cassava is a rich source of carbohydrates for both humans and livestock. It can be cooked in different ways, cassava can be fried as chips or boiled.

This article discusses the benefits of growing cassava over Irish potatoes. Currently many farmers prefer cultivating cassava due to the following.

1. Cassava unlike Irish potatoes fetches higher market prices. In Kenya, one sack of cassava costs between 2000 to 2500 shillings while a sack of Irish potatoes costs between 600 to 1200 shillings. It is crystal clear that the price of a sack of cassava doubles that of Irish potatoes. Therefore, a farmer who grows cassava crops will enjoy more profits.

2. Cassava is more resistant to pest infestation and tropical diseases as compared to Irish potatoes. Irish potatoes are easily affected by bacterial wilt and viral diseases like blight.

3. Cassava plant is very resistant to drought and therefore, it can be grown widely in areas receiving low amounts of precipitation. Irish potatoes cannot be grown in dry areas. In addition, cassava plant is not affected by very low temperatures. Irish potatoes are prone to freezing as a result of very cold weather conditions.

4. Cassava produces more tubers than Irish potatoes. One cassava plant can produce about 25 large tubers.

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