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Farmers Urged to Plant Early as Long Rains Start

The Kenya meteorological department never disappoint. The anticipated duration for the long rains has been in line with their prediction. Long rains have started and it is time for farmers to plant. Agriculture being the backbone of the country economy, it calls for adequate information to be provided to farmers and those actively into it.

Many parts of the country have started receiving rains and the earlier people plant the better as the seeds and plants will have enough time to fully utilize any available moisture in soil. This will result to proper growth and at the end proper outcome in production.

Early planting has it own advantages which will always outdo the disadvantages at any moment when compared. Though there is the fear of pest destruction to the seeds. This can easily be solved by farmers being sensitized to use certified seeds.

Farmers too are adviced to plant crop varieties which oftenly resist drought. This will be of help in case the rains go before proper maturity. Farmers are also adviced to take not of all field management practices with an aim of increasing production.

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