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How to make ksh 5000 per day in kenya

To make any amount of money ,you have to give something in return. It could be a product,service or your time. The faster way if you don't have personal skills would be to sell a product or service. I that case,you need a source of money. Here are the business that can earn you 5k per day.

1. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is great for people with large network and social followings. Many companies pay good money for referrals driven by their affiliates.

2. Sell niche products

Niche products that appeal to small groups of people with specific interest. The products are fantastic to sell online because they generally have very little competition,and their profit margins are great so you don't really need to sell that many to make 5k per day,you can sell them through your own e commerce store,on social media and online market places like jumia.

3. Sell outsourced services online

Outsourcing enables anyone to make money online by providing services that they don't necessary have the expertise to fulfill. You can advertise yourself as a web designer or a writer,whenever somebody pays you for some work ,you simply find an inexpensive freelancer to do the actual work on platform.

4. Become a real estate broker

There are not many fields that have the earning potential of real estate. Most wealthy people in kenya are in one way or another involved in real estate business. You can get started by working as a broker who helps people finds properties to either buy or rent.

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