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What A V8 Owner Did At Ola Station Along Waiyaki Way That Has Sparked Reactions.

Many people in Kenya have ventured into different businesses to help them earn a living. Some businesses are operated as single business units while others are operated in form of partnership.

Whether a business unit is operated as single business units or partnership, people need to respect the ventures of other people. It has come to public notice that some people in the country especially motorists do not respect other people's businesses. Some people are reported to move away with products from business units without making payments for such goods.

According to relevant information shared by Ma3Route, unidentified motorists who is said to be a owner of V8 vehicle is reported to have drove away yesterday after being given fuel worth KSh 14,000. The incident happened yesterday at Ola Filling Station located along Waiyaki Way.

The new move by the V8 owner has attracted attention of many online users who have reacted as shown by the screenshot below.


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