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Chicken That Sells At Over 2000 US Dollars And Has The Following Benefits

Photo courtesy; Poultry farming

Chicken is a well domesticated bird that usually leaves and depends it's entire life on human beings. It's only a staple food in some parts of the world due to its nutritious nature and lather. In Africa and traditional set up, the bird was kept specifically for human consumption and was mostly cooked for visitors as a sign of respect. It was also a special meal in traditional occasions like wedding, initiation or even during death of a loved one.

In modern society most people keep chickens for economical use only. The farming is a lucrative one since both the meat and the eggs are sold differently to create a huge income to the farmer. Apart from the meat and eggs it provides, its waste are always very great for manure purposes used in crop production. Infact in one of the research that was done by a farming program on national television, the mature are considered good and has very little effects as compared to laboratory manufactured manure.

Photo courtesy; Dong Tao Chicken

In a rather rare event, a community in Pakistan keeps a certain type of chicken that is called the Dong Tao bird. The chicken has huge legs with reddish swelling which makes them a very rare and endangered species. The hen is one of the most expensive breeds on the planet since one goes at a whooping 2000 US dollars equivalent to over kshs. 200,000 in today's market. The chicken is considered to have medicinal value and hence the high purchase price.

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