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Elon Musk Plans To Put Cocaine In Coca-Cola Drink After Acquiring The Company

It seems Elon Musk is on a buying spree. Just days after buying Twitter, he now wants to buy the worlds largest beverage company. Coca-cola has a 70% market share in the beverage industry with Pepsi coming a distant second at 23%.

The reason for buying Coca-Cola for Elon Musk are bizarre though. He claimed on Twitter that he wanted to buy the company so that he can put cocaine back into it. It is reported that the original Coca-cola recipe had cocaine in it and that formed the basis of its name.

The company is considered to have the most guarded corporate secret in the world. At any given moment, only two directors at the company know the exact recipe of Coca-Cola. The recipe is stored in an heavily guarded vault. When Elon Musk bought Twitter, he said he would make its algorithm open ended. It is not known if he could make the recipe public could he buy the company.

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