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Advertising: Sms and win credit, see how Yala fertilizer benefits

Fertiliser is one of the significant resources a farmer needs to have. At any stage, plants need fertilizer for their development. Hence many companies are manufacturing this fertilizer. we are going to discuss Yala fertilizer which has attracted and drawn the attention of many in the market.

To start with, Yala is a very big company owned in shares. However, the government of Norway has 40% of its shares hence we can say it's owned by the Norwegian government.

Yala can be found in the market both in liquid and solid form. Meaning it can be applied both by use of hands and using sprinklers making it a good fertilizer in the market.

Its Importance stands to be numerous. To begin with, supplying plants with sulphur, phosphate, potassium, nitrogen, and a variety of micronutrients. The nutrients bring about the development of roots, branching, flowering, and finally ensure fruit set. 

Finally, Yala has gone the extra mile by advertising the fertilizer. The simple way is by sending Yala to 23116 and getting a credit 10. Appreciation to Yala fertilizer's work to improve the quality of soil products. 

How do you find Yala fertilizer? From the small facts.

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