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5 most expensive things owned by the world billionaire Bill Gates

He is one of the worlds richest man and some of the things he owns is most expensive. With a net worth of $103.5 billion dollars and he is also a founder of microsoft which earns $ 1.38 million hourly.

It may seem a bit unimaginable to control such monumental wealth, but Bill Gates has plenty of investments, possessions, and real estate to spend his billions on.

1. Private jet

His private jet is one of the most extravagant purchase thing, he owns among others.Gates had previously referred to his private jet as a guilty pleasure and big splurge.

It’s been widely reported that he owns a Bombardier BD 700 global Express with seating for up to 19 people and a 40 million dollar price tag.

2. Manson

He has exactly the kind of a real estate Portfolia you would expect from a billionaire. His nice manson is situated at Woshingtone, it took seven years under construction and it is worth 123 million dollars. The manson is installed with expensive extraordinary jewelries and furnitures. By

3. Amazing pool

The pool is also equiped with the state-of-the-art underwater music system, so that the guest can never need to take a break from their favorite tune even as they swim. It is also expensive pool owned by Gates.

4. Changing art wall

This is one of the most interesting interesting features of his house, with the flat panel displays behind the picture frame. The artwork on the walls can be changed by just pressing a button.

It is stuated around the house wall and connected to the computer screen $80,000 worth. Anyone can make the screen display their favorite color or photograph, that are stored on device worth $150,000.

5. Private island

Like other several wealthy businessmen, Bill Gates purchase an entire private island. It is located at Belize the gorgeous tropical, with forests and white sand beaches.

It is worth $25 million value, he uses it to conduct beach party with his family and friends.

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