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KPLC Announces a Very Long Electricity Blackout on Monday 11, October Within the Listed Areas Below

Kenya Power Lightening Company this evening announces places that will face a very long electricity blackout tomorrow 11, October from 9 AM to 4 PM so as to allow KPLC personnels to carry out the system maintenance.

National electricity grid system it is a connection of various power generating station from across all corners of the nation and from different power station like: Hydro power electric station, diesel power station, Geothermal Power Station, wind power station to mention a few.

These power stations are mainly tasked to generate electricity energy and hand over the role of power transmission to the related bodies. Kengen Kenya have been known for so many years for their production process.

Electricity generated follows a definite pattern in the transmission process so as to ensure the system work normaly without the risk of power loss to the surrounding. To understand how this pattern works, let's first understand how voltage behave when expose to resistive material.

When we increase voltage we tend to reduce current and hence we reduce the power loss. This principle is widely used in transmission of electricity from one point to the other without the fear of electricity westage.

This pattern are: From Generating Station to Receiving station to the Sub Station and finaly to the Distributing station. The company associated in this pattern are: Kengen Kenya, KETRACO, Kenya Power Lightening Company, Rural Electrificatio and Renewable Energy Corps and other related body.

Kengen Kenya are the root source of electricity as they generate power from different sources as discussed earlier and finaly sell it's final product to KETRACO for transmission.

KETRACO in other words it is the main power transmission company which was purposely formed to connect different power generating station across the nation with the aim of making sure there is constant power supply. KETRACO receive power from Kengen Kenya involving 11,000 Volts and is responsible of stepping it up to 132,000 Volts with the aim of reducing power loss.

Kenya Power Lightening Company slides in as the third company which is mainly tasked to distribute electricity from the main power line to residents across the nation.

Kenya Power Lightening Company have been known for over decade for their responsibility of making sure each and every County is connected to the main power supply.

Rural Electrification and Energy Corps have been a supportive company in the energy sector as it help KPLC in reaching and interacting with local residents through connecting them to the grid.

REECs have been of great help especially to those residents who lives deep down in the local area where KPLC cannot reach them so easily.

Kengen Kenya managing Director Rebecca Miano MBS through her verified twitter account has today wishes all Kenyan happy Utamaduni day and took that chance in thanking the Kengen Kenya Clients and stakeholders for great work they are doing to ensure there is Power sustainability.

Kenya power Lightening Company has however this evening announces schedule maintenance within the listed area below so as they can work on improving system performance and making sure the grid output meets they client demand.

If you find this article informative, please let me hear your thoughts about how power interruption affect your daily norm on the comment section below and dont forget to be part of my team by following this channel.

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