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Programme to BOOST dairy, poultry yield

Busia county is banking on dairy and poultry spur economic growth and address nutritional challenges among residents

The county has rolled out a programme aimed at helping farmers upgrade their dairy animals and adopt modern farming techniques in order to increase milk , poultry production and make profit from their investment

The county government is also distributing 30,000 chicks to women and vulnerable groups to empower them and address malnutrition issues in 18 wards across the seven sub-counties of Busia.

1n 2020, some 600 dairy cows were served under artificial insemination (AI) services through a subsidy programme implemented by the department of agriculture, livestock and cooperatives.

AI services have subside, fodder crops promoted and surveillance upscaled. Other key issues are control and management of livestock disease alongside promotion of animals production systems.

A total of 15 new motorcycle have been bought, which be used by veterinary and agricultural extension officers,the county has also subsided AI services with farmers being charged sh200 per cow.

This year, the department projects to inseminate over 400 cattle as it seeks to upscale the programme. Vaccination against notifiable livestock diseases such as foot and mouth disease, East coast fever, anthrax, black quarter, lumpy skin disease,rabies and brucellosis should be done routinely on animals.

Widows, single mothers,the disabled and other vulnerable groups in the county have been given 30,000 chicks to empower the programme.

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