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Here Is Why Kenyan Youth Should Embrace Agribussiness

Agribusiness plays a vital role in economic development, contributing a major portion of GPD, employment, and foreign exchange earnings in developing countries like Kenya.

It is no doubt that the agricultural sector in Africa accounts for 25 percent of the continent's GPD, and 70 percent of employment.

Despite it's importance, Sub-Saharan Africa's agribusiness sector faces numerous challenges. In many countries, most crops are produced by small-sized farms with limited mechanization and capacity, leading to poor yields. Fragmented markets, price controls, and poor infrastructure also hamper production.

Most of the agricultural products produced in the region, such as maize, rice, and palm oil, are not competitive globally or have low profit margins. This means that Sub-Saharan Africa is I'll equipped to meet it's food requirements, which are set to double in the next 30 years or even sooner.

In the last 5 years, the World Bank Group has increased it's annual agriculture investment from $4.1 billion to $6.1 billion.

In Kenya, the agribusiness sector presents a new gold mine for the youth to tap into.

Globally most experts believe that the key to unlocking Africa's prosperity is through Agriculture.

For a long time, the youth shunned Agriculture assuming it was anything but lucrative, they are now seeing the potential in agribusiness and are becoming more involved.

Africa agribusiness sector is expected to hit US$1 trillion mark by 2030 and this will present a good avenue for the youth who wants to make a living out of this sector.

Kenyan government must help local agribusiness by ensuring that their products are priotized compare to those importing agricultural produce from other countries since this has a negative impact on farmers produce.

This can be done by ensuring the value chain is top class to help the agro-industry in achieving higher productivity competitiveness, growth, and consumer quality.

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