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Latest List of Top 5 Wealthiest Kenyans Resurfaces, See Kenyatta's Position

Kenya is one of the developing countries in Africa which encourages entrepreneurship as a source of wealth creation as well as source of employment to its population. There are several investors who have ventured into Kenyan market in the industrial and agricultural sectors of the economy.

The national tally of registered campanies and cooperates provides government with investiment growth rates. There are various statistics firms which do research about the rise of wealth creation in the country.

According to the latest updated list of the wealthiest Kenyans shared by Ntv Kenya, the leading richest man is called Sameer Naushad Merallis with a total net worth of Ksh 89.5 billion, followed by Bhimji Depar Shah with Ksh 85.0 billion. Third is Jaswinder Singh Bedis with net worth of Ksh 77.1 billion. Fourth is Kenyatta's family with Ksh 60.1 billion and the fifth is Mahendra Rambhai Patels with Ksh 48.7 billion.

This valuation is done by OXFAM statistics firms.

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