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Forget About Building A House Using Expensive Cement And Bricks, See Cheap Way And The Cost (PHOTO)

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In Kenya, building a house has become one of the most expensive ventures. However it is important to note down that the cost may vary depending on a number of issues, right from location, house design and building materials cost. It has been also confirmed that, building materials cost contributes greater percentage of the building cost. For that reason, the most cost effective way of building a house has been noted, the use of 'mabati'. The average cost of building a basic mabati house in Kenya is about 16,000 to 40,0000 per square metre, not including cost of the land. However building a well corrugated iron sheet house using new sheets ranges from 10,000 to 25,000 per square metre, hence cheap.

In designing the house, one may choose to heatproof the house to minimise thermal heat from the sheets. You can of course choose to fit the house with metallic doors and windows. Experts argue that use of V roof design makes the house appear large, thus preferred. You can as well give the mabati house natural feeling by planting flowers around. However, Mabati houses do not have long life span as they are vulnerable to atmospheric conditions with time and are susceptible to fires.

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