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How to go from being poor to rich

1.Get a source of income_This is something you do to earn it may be a business such as a hotel, grocery ,shop and others or a job such as teacher,doctor or any other. Make sure that you faithfully save 10% of your income no matter how small your income is.

2.Control your expenditures_Make budget of your necessary and enjoyment expenses that you need.This can be necessary expenses such as food, clothing,housing and enjoyment expenses such as data bundles.This is after carefully studying your spending habits andseeing the the expenses you can reduce or eliminate completely.Otherwise all your necessary expenses will always equal to our income or even beyond it.One must purpose to let go of everything they can afford to live without.

3.Let your money work for you_When you notice that your savings have been increased you should make sure that the money is earning interest by investing it or putting it in a bank account to earn interest.

4.Guard your money from being lost_You can not afford to lose your hard earned money.You should therefore be cautious when investing your money.Before you invest your money go a step further and investigate the investment platform.You should also not lend to people who you are not sure they will return your money.

5.Own your own home_Owing your own home will reduce your monthly rental expenses.You can also plant a garden which may also increase your income and reduce your food expenses such as vegatables.Owning a home may come with other benefits such as a place for your children to play and better environment.

6.Insure a future income_One should think of the days they will not be able to work by putting measures to be able to earn.This includes things such as pension schemes or things such as houses and land.

7.Increase your ability to earn_One can start by increasing their sources of income.The other way is to perfect one's skills to be able to earn more.This can be by doing more work,attention or persistence.

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