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Meet Vihiga Tycoon who Built Agribusiness Portfolio on Deserting Teaching and Venture into Farming

Christopher Angote's farm and residence are located near Musutswi-Esirulo Road in Emuhaya, Vihiga on 7.5 acres of land. Maureen Achieng, his wife, is an animal care practitioner.

He's occupied. But not with a chalk on a chalkboard, which he did for 13 years before leaving to pursue vegetable farming. Customers have arrived to purchase various varieties of veggies to sell at local markets, and he is assisting them.

He used to make Sh25,000 a month as an Agriculture teacher, but now he makes more in a day.

He began farming on a little plot of land he inherited from his father, measuring around 0.4 acres.

"When I decided to retire from teaching, I purchased 7.1 acres of property to focus only on vegetable cultivation," Mr Angote explains.

He also produces onions, kales, and Ethiopian kales, as well as cattle and chickens, whose manure is used to power his biogas mini-plant.

When he saw the benefits of farming, he rented an additional 17.5 acres for KES 80,000 to expand his vegetable growing operations, which now bring in up to KES 30,000 on a good day.

"I felt that teaching was a waste of my time." "The KES 25,000 wage was insufficient, and I was unable to accomplish anything important," he claims.

"I decided to put my agricultural skills to use." I now have a total of 25 acres under my control, both owned and leased. "I could still be locked in some workgroup with a KES 2,000 increase if I was still teaching," he says.

He uses drip and overhead irrigation to cultivate indigenous and exotic crops all year.

Mr Angote owns a pickup truck that he uses to assist supply the fruit. However, for ease of movement, he owns a motorcycle that allows him to easily oversee the fields.

He owns 26 cows, mostly Friesian and Jersey, with 12 being milked and the rest being in-calf. He obtains 250 litres of milk every day from his 12 dairy cows, which he sells locally for Sh25,000 per day. "We don't have any bulls on the farm." Artificial insemination is what my wife performs. This is a collaborative effort. "That's what's fueling our growth," he says.

This is on top of the Sh30,000 earned from daily vegetable sales. He has 600 hens and two agro vets, which produce 14 trays of eggs each.

Without any technical education, the bulk of Kenya's current agribusinesses can be created. To manage a successful agricultural business, you must understand the possibilities available, the challenges you may face, and the returns on your products. You may also enquire about agribusiness finance in Kenya at county agricultural departments.

Today's youth are actively involved in the development of farm products and the expansion of companies. Stakeholders in the area generate food and devise innovative agricultural solutions for individuals who want assistance.

Mass education on the value of agriculture has, in the end, helped to reduce the country's high unemployment rate and boost farmer output. Any individual with potential can benefit from agribusiness ideas in Kenya.

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