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These Detailed Vital Guide Will Make It Easier For An Arrowroot Large Scale Farming Beginner

Arrowroots famously known as nduma in Kenya are drought resistant and perennial crops that any farmer needs to plant because arrowroots have numerous benefits including generating more income to farmers.Here is a detailed guide on how to plant and harvest healthy arrowroots that will increase your earnings tremendously as a farmer.

The first thing you need to know is that arrowroots can be grown anywhere so long as there is adequate water and plenty of essential nutrients to facilitate quality growth.Marshy places are not necessarily needed in planting arrowroots.

Steps in planting arrowroots.


Simply start by digging holes 15cm wide and 50 cm deep.Mix farm manure with sawdust at an equal ratio of 1:1.Place the sucker to touch the bottom of the dug holes.A sucker is plant that develops beneath at the roots of a plant. Each sucker should be planted in its own hole.It is then compulsory to fill the hole with manure and sawdust.For prevention of water loss,mulch with sawdust or grass. Mulching simply means covering the soil.Lastly,water the suckers for at least six months.


Including fertilizer boosts growth of the plants.First add three spoons of nitrogenous fertilizer.After one month,add 2 spoons of nitrogenous fertilizer.In two months time,add 2 spoons of nitrogenous fertilizer.After four months,add a mix of nitrogenous fertilizers.In six months,add 2 spoons of one specific nitrogenous fertilizer.


Lucky for you,with arrowroots you can harvest any time from six months to eight months depending on the size of the arrowroot tubers you want to harvest.Most best farmers suggest eight months as the best maturity period for arrowroots.Don't wait past eight months to harvest as most of the arrowroots will rot and the other tubers will sprout more suckers.This will in turn lower your yieldings. You can easily intercrop arrowroots with other crops.

This farming tips have proved to work for the top farmers in Kenya and will definitely work for you.You should definitely try them out and see a great change in your harvest.

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