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Top Confidential Details Mpesa is Hiding From You.

Get to know how mpesa makes money out of you without your consent.

I'm not an entrepreneur nor related to one, but because I want to get my dream come true, I have to learn from varied areas related to business.

Safaricom is the number of internet services providers in Kenya. They have been at the top since the 1990s. They have made their subscribers delighted every year. They came up with okoa jahazi, please call me, Fuliza and many more.

But all that moves, contrarily they make money out of you without you knowing! I'll be looking at the tricks they play to get wealth from you.

1. There is no interest.

There are no saving services in the world that don't give interest to their customers, if there is, is not so much worldwide. Even the banks have some interests.

2. It costs you to get cash.

There is one fact that rich people do, they try as much as possible not to spend more money to get little money. To get a Ksh 1000 cash from mpesa, you have to pay a ksh 50. What if you wanted a ksh 1000 right away?

3. They have a limit.

Yesteryear we had the pandemic staring at us. Thank God mpesa didn't cost us so much on sending money. But the question is, why to give us a limit. What if the government decides to send a lot of money. Will you give excuses.

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