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"Akili Ni Mali, "How A Kenyan Farmer Earns His Living By Selling Rabbit's Urine

Raring of rabbit is common among many people in kenya, most keep will rare rabbit for meat or as just as pet but only a few rare rabbit for their waste.Charles Owiti is one of the few farmers in kenya who rare rabbit for their urine waste,Charles makes his living by selling rabbit's urine which warms his over ksh60000 in a month.

The utilization of rabbit urine to enhance soils is gradually acquiring prominence among crop farmers who use it to better their ranch yields. 

Owiti, a rabbit manager, portrays that he traps urine through a wire-network when the rabbit pee moves through iron sheets beneath the rabbit structure. 

"I have a box toward the finish of the iron sheets where I back my rabbits to keep away from urine spillage and lead it to a gathering jerrycan," he remarked.

He charges Ksh 100 for each liters right now, and he can gather 20 liters utilizing his jerrycans, acquiring him Ksh 2000 every day. 

The rabbit urine is a natural pesticide that repulses bugs irritations like bugs, aphids in view of the impactful smell. 

"The urine is liked by crop farmers and many say they get top notch yields in light of the fact that the urine helps in advancing the dirt," he states. 

He says, in keeping up with the consistent inventory of waste, the creation needs to begin first in the taking care of stage. Something Owiti guarantees by taking care of the rabbits with verdant vegetables to create more urine. 

"Rabbit urine relies upon what it is benefiting from. I feed my rabbits on verdant cabbages, so with that, they can deliver more urine since it has a great deal of water content," he notes. 

He adds that rabbit grown-ups produce more urine and urges farmers to consider utilizing rabbit urine for exceptional returns.

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