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Expensive Legume That Can Generate Good Amount Of Money To Any Farmer

A farmer may wonder which type of leguminous plant can generate for him a lucrative amount after harvesting season. There is one type of Legume that a farmer can grow and get a good earning after harvesting his farm produce.

Soya beans farming is one of the best farming project. Soya beans takes roughly 3 months to mature, after three months are over you can harvest you products dry them and pack them well.

You can soya beans twice in a year that is in some parts of Kenya like the nyanza regions among other regions that have two planting season. This type of agricultural project can do well in any part of Kenya provided that you observe the planting seasons when there is sufficient rain that will enable your soya plant do well.

To Start this project you need at least 15,000 Shillings, you will use this amount to cultivate and prepare your land for planting, buy farm inputs among other important things you may require.

Set aside at least one hectares of land for just this project alone. One hectares of land can produce roughly between 1,500 to 1,800 kgs of soya beans.

On kgs of soya beans in Kenya roughly cost 190 to 250 shillings. The price may vary depending with the quality of the soya beans you have harvested among many other factors.

Let's assume that in one hectares you produced roughly 1,500 kgs of soya beans, with this you can make approximately 300,000 shillings. You can earn more than this since the price varies from time to time, its price is not constant.

Soya beans is used in oil companies to make oil and is also a source of protein. With soya beans farming project you will not lack customers and companies can just come and look for your products that is if you are known for producing quality soya beans in large quantity.

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