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Meet The Richest And Most Developed Country In East Africa (Photos).

In the economic study of the public sector, economic and social development is the process by which the economic well-being and quality of life of a nation, region, local community or an individual are improved according to targeted outlined goals or objectives.

Economists usually measure economic growth in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) or related economic indicators such as Gross National Product (GNP) or Gross National Income (GNI) which are indices derived from the calculations of the GDP.

This article discusses the country with the highest GDP in East Africa i.e Kenya. Kenya is located in East Africa. Its terrain rises from a low coastal plain on Indian Ocean to mountains and plateaus at its center. A large percentage of Kenyan citizens live on the rich agricultural highlands.

Kenya borders Ethiopia and Sudan to the north, Somalia to the east and Tanzania to the south while Uganda is the country's neighbour to the west. Kenya has an approximate area of 580,367 square kilometres. It is one of the countries in East Africa with largest GDP hence considered the richest and most developed country in East Africa.

According to World Bank National Accounts Data, the Gross Domestic Product of Kenya was worth 106.04 billion US dollars in 2020 while in 2021, the GDP of Kenya is 98.84 billion US dollars. The slight decrease in Kenya's GDP from 106.04 to 98.84 billion US dollars may have been caused by Covid-19 pandemic. The GDP value of Kenya represents about 0.09 percent of the world economy. Below is a screenshot of a graph showing the increase in GDP of Kenya from 2016 to 2020.

From the graph above we can see that Agriculture and Services contributes to a larger percentage of Kenya's GDP. This means that Kenyans should engage more in agricultural activities like growing of tea, rearing of poultry, dairy farming, cultivation of more fruits and vegetables to keep the country's GDP growing yearly.

In addition, the service sector such as transport and hospitality sector should also be expanded to keep Kenya on the top of the list of richest countries Africa.

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