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8 Reasons Index Funds Are The Simplest Way To Build Wealth.

1. Diversification

Diversification refers to the ability to invest in a way that reduces your risk.

- Hold thousands of companies

- Risk of loss is reduced

- Invest in different sectors and countries

2. Low cost

Index funds charge low fees because they are passively managed.

- Low expense ratio

- No commission, management fees, or load fees

- No intermediary to cut your returns.

3. Performance

Index funds' performance is hard to beat.

- Index funds have a solid performance

- Most fund managers fail to beat index funds

- Buying individual stocks is riskier

- Expect to outperform fund managers over the long term.

4. Less time consuming

Investing in index funds doesn't require a lot of time.

- No research is required

- No need to read financial statements

- No high IQ

- No finance background

- No need to know financial ratios.

5. More tax-efficient

Index funds mirror an index and do not buy and sell as much as actively managed funds.

- Low turnover

- Fewer capital gains distributions

- Less taxable events created.

6. Facilitate portfolio construction

Index funds are easy to construct a portfolio that suits your risk tolerance.

They invest in :

- Bonds, stocks, and commodities.

- International and domestic funds.

7. Capture market returns

Index funds mirror the returns of the market. 90% of actively managed funds failed to beat the market. If the market goes up 10% one year, you get 10%.

8. Self-cleansing

Index funds are made of thousands of stocks or bonds. If one company does not offer good returns, it could be replaced by better-performing ones in the index.

This offers low risk for investors as compared to owning individual stocks.

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