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"Unless You Have Figures and Statistics Never Say Govt Projects Are Overpriced" Says Wahome Thuku

"When you say for example the express highway is inflated in terms of cost (at Kshs 65 billion), how much would you expect it cost and how do you know that?" This is according to Senior Lawyer Wahome Thuku as he posted it on his facebook page.Picture for illustrative purpose.

He was responding to a good number of clueless Kenyans who came up with conclusions that, express highway is inflated yet they had no idea or rather facts, figures or even statistics about it(the project).

It's a debate that has attracted lots of views across the country and therefore, Wahome felt it wise to caution Kenyans from jumping into conclusions just like that. He expounded his point by telling Kenyans the following;

"So unless you have the figures, never open your mouth to say a project has been overpriced. Even if it has actually been overpriced, you can only say that with actual figures and statistics. Anything else is empty rhetoric." reads part his facebook post.Picture for illustrative purpose.

He insisted that, unless you are a trained auditor, an actuarial scientist or a practising economist, you have no idea how much a road would cost or comparative cost in other countries, considering all the valuables.

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