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Why Trickle Down Appears to Fail and Bottom Up may not Succeed as well

The deputy president has been going around popularizing bottom up approach for our economy as opposed to the trickle down that we have always known. What he is not doing is pointing out the reason why he thinks trickle down has been failing and what can be done to make it work efficiently.

While there could be reasons why trickle down could fail , one and which should be regarded as the main, is corruption.

If we take trickle down approach to be akin to pumping water into a tank up the hill and allowing the water to flow down hill to consumers through gravity then corruption has the same effect of an economic plumber .. entrusted by those who elect them to run the economy on their behalf ....rushing mid hill to stop the flaw of wealth to the masses down hill after opening the wealth pipes up the hill. Through corruption and diversion of the wealth into their own pockets, the wealth flow does not reach the masses who expect it down hill.

The DP action of asking the masses to accept bottom up approach in this scenario is therefore like one of the economic plumbers after starving the masses for nine years goes to them and says , " well, let's try bottom up since the fellows up the hill have been taking all that was meant to reach you. Let's bring down that tank and start pumping this water from down up the hill for you to be sure of receiving your share." This he says while wiping stollen sugar from the end of his mouth (and the masses who care to notice ) can still see the particles he has missed to wipe with a hand that has been rained on.

The question is how will the new approach of bottom up work if the same economic plumbers will be in charge of controlling the flow? The problem is not the trickle down approach and even if the deputy president's approach is adopted it will still fail. Change in the economy will be realized only if there is change in the kind of economic plumbers that are put in office by the masses.

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