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Rabbit Farming Boost to get Maximum Profit

Rabbit farming is a very fast growing business venture that is becoming very popular due to increased demand in rabbit meat. The business is more affordable to start you will require little investment.

Rabbits are mainly kept due to their tasty and nutritious meat, they produce. Their maturity are quite fast and they are ready for slaughter within four months, underpinning their role as great source of income to farmers.

Choosing a very suitable breed is very important. The best breeds for commercial rabbit farming are California, white Flemish giant and New Zealand white you need to choose breed according to your desired production. You need to know that they give birth between two to ten young ones depending on breeds. They mature very fast. A rabbit is suitable for breeding at the age of six months. Hence male and female should be separated to prevent inbreeding.

Ensure the house is neat and clean with good ventilation. While constructing a rabbit house ensure you make different cages for male and females. This is because rabbits reproduce very fast and this will help you control reproduction rates.

To ensure that you provide them adequate space make sure cage is 12 feet square and with additional 32 feet square feet for exercise. This is because rabbits jump, hide, hop and run this requires enough space.

For proper ventilation cover the walls, roofs, and doors with chicken nets or bamboo wood places.


Nutritious and balanced diet is needed to boost their health and reproductivity rate. Feeding cost of rabbit is low. Supplementary and kitchen waste materials, grasses, leaves. They should also be provided with sufficient clean and fresh water.


Vaccinate them timely to keep them free from diseases that can result to deaths. Avoid feeding them with polluted expired feeds. Monitoring them daily can help identify the signs and symptoms of diseases. This will help you to escape the loses that can be incurred after.

Rabbit farming is cheap and can earn you slot of income.

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