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Pyrethrum Farming In Kenya

Hello guys! Welcome back to my channel. This time round we going to discuss about pyrethrum farming. We all know that farming has been the backbone of our economy in Kenya. Many investors will look upon various factors which are considerable before farming. In this episode we will outdo all other plants and settle with pyrethrum. Pyrethrum is classified under cash crop category, this being a clear indication that those farmers who indulge in pyrethrum are in for business. Having pyrethrum in your farm has got various advantages. One advantage of pyrethrum is that it is not labour intensive. By this I mean it needs less attention provided it is oftenly supplied with water fertilizer and agro chemicals necessary

The other advantage of this crop is that it takes less time between planting period and the first harvest time. High quality pyrethrum will range between 8-9 weeks for it to mature and get harvested. Most important is that it can take over a n year in your farm when necessary maintenance routine is done. In simpler terms it takes a short time to earn you and long time as it is in its earning stage. My advise to you guys, if you yearning to become a farmer consider pyrethrum farming. Cheers guys let's meet in this channel, next episode for more tips. 

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