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How to Avoid Your Article Being Rejected Because of Wrong Pictures or Cover Photos

As a writer in Operanews hub, it's best if you use the best photos which will indeed complement your article as readers want to read at the same time have a mental picture of how things unfolded or might be. It's very important to find a good source of images instead of choosing random pictures on google to use in your article as it might be violating the rules and regulations for instance when it's used to ridicule someone.

According to my experience as a writer, it's best if you avoid using random pictures of people to pass a message of ridicule, racism, or even negative message as they also have their rights. Many times if you do this your writing will be automatically rejected and this kills your morale.

You can find a good source of images from Pinterest, Getty Images, Stock photos, Pixabay, shutter stock, pixels e.t.c.Always give some reference on the source of the image using a clickable link or give credit.

These simple adherence will go along way in helping you reduce the rejection rate and hence improve your account quality hence earning some good cash at the end of the month.Photo/Courtesy :

Content created and supplied by: Vansikoy (via Opera News )

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