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How Tomato Farmers are Making Millions

When I heard about tomato farming i thought it was very hard to grow tomatoes not until I tried.Tomatoes is a lucrative product which is never off season I mean it's an ingredient that is used in every household everyday.Farmers of this product are making millions.

-Let's do some calculations.Imagine you have planted tomatoes in a 1\4 acre be it for rent or your own land,go to an agrovet near you buy Rambo type of a tomato which does well in most parts of Kenya.A hybrid satchet costs about ksh 1200.Buy two satchets which is approximately 2400.Put your seedlings in a nursery for 3 to 4 weeks.Till your land and dig deep holes 30cm apart to plant your tomatoes.The deeper holes assist in conserving water.After you have transplanted your tomatoes,water everyday day for two weeks after which you can water twice or thrice a week.You will also need tomato herbicides which protect against pests and cold which costs about ksh 500 both.Apply te herbicides after two weeks.The tomatoes are ready for harvesting afte 3 months.

-The output of a 1\4 an acre is 60 crates per harvesta crate is currently retailing at ksh 3000 making it a total of 180,000.Now harvest twice or thrice per season.

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