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KPLC Announces a very Long Electricity Blackout on Thursday 14, October Within the Listed area below

Kenya Power Lightening Company through their verified twitter account have announce a very long electricity blackout tomorrow 14, October from 8 AM in the morning to 4 PM in the evening so as to allow KPLC personnels to carry out the system maintenance.

Kenya Power Lightening Company most of time are forced to conduct grid line maintenance on live bus-bars since interruption of electricity at that particular area can lead to alot of financial loss.

Huge companies such as Kenya Brewery rarely face electricity outage in most of the time since they consume alot of electricity from the national grid system leading to less schedule maintenance in lines associated with this Company since it can leads to huge loss to KPLC as the company pay alot for power.

KPLC however is trying its level best in ensuring minimal or no power outage at any given time by digitalizing the national grid system across the nation so as to enhance small business run their activities continuously without being cut short by power blackout.

Electricity blackout hinders normal operation for small business and large one since most of them if not all of them consume power in their normal operation by either running of Motors, Powering hair driers in salon, powering refrigerators in small dairy shop to mention a few.

KPLC even though have been facing alot of challenges in their daily operations as most of time are forced to disconnect illegal connections that exposes danger to residents or users of that particular area.

Electricity theft is another huge challenge that hits Kenya Power personnel while trucking a fault in an electricity grid system as this illegal activity reduces the revenue of kenya power since the user is not registered in KPLC records.

Kenya power lightening company some days ago introduced a new method of acquiring any kind of update or information at the comfort of your place by just dialing *977# and you get serviced immediately, in other word's this is just part of exodus towards digitalizing national grid system and services.

KPLC as a norm, they have schedule a very long electricity blackout tomorrow so as to carry out the system maintenance. This area are as listed below.

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