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Top Businesses You Will Never Regret If You Start With Ksh 10,000 Here in Kenya

Did you know that you can transform your life with only 10,000 ksh into that of a millionaire? If you didn't know, then you are lucky to have this content. Here is how you can change your life.

Here in Kenya, we have various businesses that are doing well, but not all businesses you see around were started with huge sums of cash; some were started with less than 10,000 ksh. So for your business to prosper, you have to put a lot of effort and transparency into it.

Amounts like 10,000 ksh can start businesses like a barbershop, and money cure, small hotel, selling Mitumba clothes, selling fruits, selling serial grains, and also selling hens and cocks.

Starting a barbershop

A barbershop does not need huge cash for you to start it as long as you can afford machines, towels, rent, and also some other requirements and make a change in your life. Within a few months, you can expand it the way you want, and this is how some people have managed it.

selling Mitumba clothes.

This business needs your corporation fully; many people are billionaires today because of this small business. Once you have received the goods, love your customers and try to attract them with sweet words. As time goes on, you will realise your business is expanding because you love your customers and know how to address them.

Selling fruits.

You can start by selling watermelons, oranges, mangoes, and apples. Business is about love and attracting customers through the cleanliness of your business area.

Selling hens and cocks

If you are still new in this field, you will experience some challenges like finding customers, but once you have hit the area, you can make at least 500ksh in profit per hen. If one hen can cost you 500ks to buy it or 700ksh and when your going to sell it, it can go at 1000Ksh per hen it cock.

This is one of the businesses that has a lot of profit but is very silent to many people. Start your business today and change your life tomorrow.

Thank you and be blessed as you purge for the best business to start.

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