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The Nairobi 88 Condominium Tower

The Nairobi 88 Condominium Tower which is currently under construction in Nairobi's Westland is set to dominate the skies among the residential buildings not only in Kenya but in Africa at large, it will dwarf the current tallest residential building in Africa known as the Ponte City apartment which has been holding the title for more than three decades.

Nairobi 88 Condominium Tower will have 44 floors making it the building with the highest number of floors in Kenya, it will also have a height of 218 meters making it one of the few buildings in Africa with a height of over 200 meters.

Currently the construction has reached the 33rd floor and it is expected to be fully completed by mid next year if things go as planned, the building is set to cost around 5 billion which will make it one of the most expensive buildings in Nairobi.

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