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Bad News To All Alcohol consumers, juices and Beauty Products as Government Announce This

The rising cost of living is having a devastating effect on the country's economy. Cooking staples including cornmeal, detergent, vegetable oil, and gasoline have all recently increased in price.

When the government decided to raise taxes on a wide range of things, including booze, cosmetics, and even juice, the month quickly turned sour.

The disappointing report to Kenyans is that the government is considering raising prices even further in order to deal with the sh3.3 trillion Budget was published today in business daily.

The price of beer, juices, beauty products are going to increase rabidly starting from July in order to pay the big debt that the government has.

Many Kenyans are frustrated by the recent double-digit increase in food prices, which has been attributed in large part to the new, higher taxes.

The standard of living in the country is rising, and this trend is predicted to continue. Prior to this, a 50 percent decrease in the price of maize flour was anticipated; instead, the price will drop by sh 2 per 2 kg.

In the upcoming elections, I hope we are able to elect good leaders who will put our needs first.

So, what do you think of this?

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