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World's Top Three Aircraft Manufacturers?

Just like air travel, aircraft manufacturing is a booming commerce all over the globe. Unlike giants in car manufacturing industry, aircraft manufacturers remain largely unknown to many as they are not relevant to daily lives as cars are. The industry is difficult to breakthrough as it remains highly competitive as it is dorminatesd by our three biggest entries.

Aircraft manufacturers also double as military suppliers for technologies in defense, covert communication, traveling and execution of attacks.

Here, we lay out the top three companies with a grip on the market.

1. Airbus ($78.9B)

Founded in 1970 with headquarters in Netherlands, France and Spain, the European corporation Airbus SE has been a leader in aerospace manufacturing since 2019.

The giant enjoys a wide clientele from civilian to military contractors with their aircrafts having flown 12 billion passengers globally.

2.Lockheed Martin ($67.044B)A relatively new corporation established in 1955 by a merger between Lockheed and Martin Marietta Corporation, it has quickly become a leader in the aviation.

Located in Maryland U.S.A, the company is an employer of 110, 000 people and it sells military arms like missiles, defense and information security products.

3. Boeing ($62.286B)

The most likely familiar manufacturer Boeing was founded in 1916 in USA. It manufactures diverse aircraft products from airplanes to rockets, satellites, helicopters and telecommunication equipment targeting civilian and military clients

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