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Characteristics of social entrepreneurs.

As mentioned earlier,a social entrepreneur is a person who have decided to turn his or her entrepreneurial business into an initiative that will address social,cultural and environmental problems and benefit large number of people.

Below are some of the characteristics of social entrepreneurs;

1. Desire to change.Social entreprenuers have unwavering willingness to change other people more especially those they work with and also those they are working for.This willingness may even extend to those in power.

2. Commitment to improve social welfare.Social entreprenuers are generally committed to social well being of others.The difference between social entrepreneurs and other entreprenuers is their ability and commitment to fully devote their time,resources and energy to ensure they change things for the better.

3. They are Innovative.Social entreprenuers are Innovative in that they embrace technology,find news ways of doing things and improve lives of other people.

4. Good problem solvers.The fact that social entrepreneurs are not much of profit oriented does not mean that they don't keep track of their budgetary constraints.Infact they do by seeking effective and efficient ways of operating their organization and solve problems to improve on other people's welfare.

5. Risk takers.Risk taking is very essential for all entreprenuers inclusive of social entrepreneurs.It involves taking risk to make decisions that you want to change the world.In some cases you even quit your job and embark on an initiative that could cost you everything just to improve on social and cultural welfare of others.

6. Adaptability.Social entreprenuers are open and flexible to new solutions or improvements on existing solutions.This is very important especially in deciding when to change the initial strategies that aren't successful.

7. Persistence.Social entreprenuers face the most difficult challenges the society have to offer.This sometimes results in failures during initial stages but successful entreprenuers are those that persist and persevere all those drawbacks and finding effective solutions.

8. Open to collaborations and teamwork.Social entreprenuers are open to collaborations.This is very important because their field requires teamwork and other people maybe willing to help.This helps them to achieve goals more effectively compared to when working alone.

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