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Here Are Two Business Ideas That Will Earn You Money in Kenya

When it comes to begin a business , one has to think keenly so as not to regret venturing into a particular business. This is because not all businesses were meant for everyone. Some business such as the public transport sector in Kenya was not meant for the fainthearted. Below are some two business ideas that will surely make you a millionaire in Kenya.

1. Converting old motorcycles to electric.

If you go to most government institutions, you will find a number of dumped old motorcycles. Even though the frames of the cycles are still in good shape, most of them were left idle as they had problems with the engines. Apart from the government institutions, there are also many people who store their spoilt cycles at home. You can start a business that includes converting motorcycles to electric. An electric motorcycle conversion kit on Alibaba will cost you around ksh4,500 that is of you are buying in bulk and the transport will cost you around 6,000 per piece. That therefore means that you spend ksh11,000 on the part.

You can spend a further ksh 4,000 for the conversion. This means that if you can charge around ksh 30,000 for a single conversion, you will make an a profit of not less than ksh 10,000.

2. Converting tuktuks to electric.

This is another business that has no competition in Kenya. There are many tuktuk operators who are looking of a method to increase their earnings. The best method for them to do so is to use electric tuktuks. However, electric tuktuks are relatively expensive as they go for half a million while the petrol one costs about half. Converting a tuktuk to electric on the other hand may cost upto 80,000 as the price of parts are much cheaper if bought in bulk. You can charge between 100,000 to 130,000 hence making a profit of between 20 to 50 thousand per conversion.

When sourcing for electric conversion a parts, I would recommend you go to Alibaba as there are various options. You should not be worried much about shipping as there are many companies that will help you ship you products to Kenya.

If you think doing the conversion is hard, you can take a look at this YouTube video below:

Thank you for reading my article and do not forget to follow me for more business ideas.

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