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Commercial Arrow Root Farming Is A Profitable Agricultural Project.

Yams and arrow roots belong to the same class, they are all tuber crops. This class include also crops like cassava, sweet potatoes among many other that may belong to the same class.

The difference that emerge between arrow roots and yams is that yams are more expensive per kgs compare to arrow roots. Therefore this means that if you want to initiate commercial Arrow root farming then you should have a large piece of land. We will discuss the price of arrow roots per kgs but before that let's see how you can initiate this farming project.

Arrow roots can do well in any place in Kenya provided that the place has enough sunshine, well drained soils i.e sand clay soil among many other types of soil that can support the well being of this type of tuber crop.

Roughly 4 hectares of land is enough and when you want to initiate this agricultural project you must have a backup. What do I mean? Arrow roots takes more than 8 months before they mature therefore you can also have some piece of land where you can grow your cereals or your legumes or both of them.

You will use your cereals to generate income before your arrow roots matures. With 4 hectares of land you can produce roughly 1000 to 1200 kgs of arrow roots, that is if you planted them in a fertile soil. Fertile soil produce enough nutrients to the crop therefore leading to high yields.

When planting your arrow roots you can apply D.A.P fertilizer, 50 kgs is enough for one acres and therefore with 4 hectares you may roughly use 300 kgs of D.A.P fertilizer.

Arrow root cost roughly between 100 shillings to 110 shillings per kgs and with arrow roots you can not lack customers since this is a food that many people consume.

With 1000 kgs if arrow roots you can make roughly 100,000 shillings and this only within 8 months.

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