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Smart Farming;4 Crops To Grow In Nairobi.

The cost of living in Nairobi is becoming more expensive as time goes by. Basic commodities such as food are becoming unaffordable. Nairobi climate is good enough to do farming and some crops will do well in Nairobi soil. Furthermore, these crops are in high demand and you can sell them to get some cash in hand.

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1. Carrots.

Carrots are drought resistant and not easily attacked by crop pests and diseases. A good nursery will ensure your carrots grow healthy and ready for harvest.What Do Carrot Sprouts Look Like? — Learn to Identify Them — Bustling Nest

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2. Onions.

In most homes onions are used on a daily basis alongside tomatoes. Onions are easier to grow compared to tomatoes which require more labor and expenses. Onions rooted in the soil can withstand high temperatures. Onions leaves and roots are harvested.


Red Onions - (appx. 10 pieces) per Kg

3. Sukuma Wiki ( Kales).

Sukuma wiki is the most consumed vegetable in Kenya alongside Ugali. Kale seeds can be bought and grown in a nursery. In 4 weeks they will sprout and in another 4 weeks, they are ready to harvest. Kales will require fertilizer to grow faster.

Best five performing kales and collards in Kenya ,2021

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