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Stock investment

Here are Some Business Ideas that Require Little Capital

In the current conditions of economic shut down the flow of money has become an itch and many business have been shut. Rising of some enterprises has also been deeply affected as enterprise like hotels will not be wise venturing into that field at this time.

Here are some business venture that do not require much capital.

1. Stocks and share

For a long period of time stocks have been associated with the rich people and considered as a playground for the rich only. That should not be the case. People should learn that buying shares is like lending your money to a business and the business should pay you back after a period of time in terms of dividends.

It is a risky business as nobody can predict the future but with the help of brokers in the stock market you are advised accordingly on what shares to buy and why.

2. Buying and selling eggs in large scale

It may sound childish but you can make money as a middle man. Assuming you buy a crate at 300 and sell it at 310 shillings you have made some profit. Remembering you are selling as a middle man to a retailer so that they can sell at retail price.

Once retailers and consumers start buying from you in large scale you will be able to handle 100 crates per day making a profit of 1000 per day.

3. Making tomato paste

Selling raw materials will make you a millionaire maybe but selling the full product is the deal. Many people will advise you to plant tomatoes and sell. Well it is a good idea, but if you consider making paste from the tomato you have given it value. You have also elongated its shelf time.

I will not explain more on this but feel free to research on tomato paste processing and you will realize the preparation price is very low and reasonable

4. Uber


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