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Top 2 businesses that earn 50k and above monthly and are easy to start in Kenya.

Have you ever thought of which business to start, make over 50,000 monthly and grow without many challenges? Most businesses are faced with a dozen of challenges before fitting into the market.

Today I have an analysis of two businesses you could invest in and make 50,000 every month. With a good work plan, market and capital. Then these are the kind of businesses to venture into.

1. Imported second hand clothes.

This is one of its kind that most Kenyans despise as a business. If only you knew how this business earns, I bet you will start thinking on how to start.

To start this business, you do not need so many requirements. All you need is Capital and a good market. By saying s good market this means you need to locate your business where there are many potential buyers.

Youths clothes are the most sold clothes, when planing to start this business consider starting with youths wear. If you manage to sell 20 clothes a day or at least 15, then you are good to go. Each sale makes 100-200 shillings depending on the customer. Some customers don't bargain on the prices. If in a single day you sold 20 clothes That makes at least 2,000 shillings in a month this will sum up to 60,000. Expenses may be less than 10,000. That month you make 50k and above.

2. Play station gaming zone

Even though this kind of business requires a bit higher capital to start it will source you good cash in return. The key thing here is the location of your business. For a successful growth you should start this near a university/college institution. Students from the institute are your targeted market.

Once you have spotted a good location make sure you have at least 3 big screens and the latest PS Package. In a single day am sure each screen will earn you a profit of 1k and above, in a month you will make 90,000. Out of this amount save 50k and use 30k in expenses and other things.

That's all for today's research, lets meet tomorrow as we look into how wines and spirits business perform in Kenya. Make sure you follow me to avoid missing out on this.

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