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Good News to Kenyans Who Like Eating Ugali as New Details about Maize Flour Prices Emerge

In the country, there millions of people who are living in different parts. Some of them are farmers while others are businessmen. As the cost of living is increasing everyday, several Kenyans are not able to buy some essential commodities such as cooking oil, fuel, cooking gas and foods.

According to the source, new details have just emerged about the cost of maize flour. As per the report shared by Bussines Daily, it has been reported that, soon Kenyans especially those who like eating Ugali will pay less for 2kg of maize flour. Furthermore, it has finally been confirmed that the government, through the ministry of agriculture will import more maize from different countries.

The imported maize will help to solve the shortage crisis in the country and also to reduce the prices of maize flour in the country.

These are good news to all Kenyans because soon the prices of maize flour will decrease.

Furthermore, let us come together and start growing maize in the country and solve this challenge. The country is receiving rainfall and this will improve production of different crops.


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