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How To Be Rich In Business

When the business gets too emotional, it gets angry and gives up on you. Hope one time you have read pay yourself first more especially in Robert Kiyosaki's books or any other financial discipline books.

The statement has an indirect meaning where by the true meaning is that you pay yourself last. In simple terms, you own a business and you have employees, the ones that come first are your business and your employees.

If you pay yourself first before your employees and then fail to pay your employees or fail to repay your business, your employees and business will get mad at you and will leave you for another employer hoping to find peace.

You don't have to experience that all you need is to pay all your employees to repair all damaged assets and then enjoy what's left after all payments. I hope you now understand that you are the last one to be paid after everyone has been paid, even if you own the business.

This is why to be rich need more than just self-discipline it calls for persistence.


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