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Types of Poultry Houses

There are 3 types of poultry houses.These include;

I)Deep litter houses

These are houses in which birds are totally confined.

II) Night shelters and runs

These houses used in free range system where birds are allowed to move freely in enclosures called runs. The birds spend the night in these shelters but during the day, they go out to scavenge.

The houses are raised off the ground on stands to discourage predators. The houses should also be movable to prevent build up of parasites and diseases.

These type of shelter is suitable for small scale farmers and non-commercial poultry keepers.


In fold system birds are confined in small structures called arks or folds. A third of the fold should be roofed to provide shelter. The rest of the fold should be left open but enclosed by a wire mesh. The roofed part is used for sunning and exercises.

Folds should be moved daily to fresh grounds to reduce build up of diseases and parasites.

Folds are suitable for small scale farmers especially in peri-urban agriculture where land is limited.

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