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Business Management analysis

Why Some Businesses Fail

1) Inconsistency. Irregular opening opening of business affect businesses largely since your business becomes unreliable to the customers.

2Poor record keeping .records are so important in a business because it helps in maintaining cash flow of business .

3)Availing poor quality product.poor quality product affect business enormously as it faces stiff competition from the competitors in a perfect market.

4) Insufficient commodities.This breaks customer's loyalty and trust to the business that ends up reducing customers.

5Poor location of the business.Business should be located in a strategic place that attract numerous customers . Should also be accessible and convenient to shop in .

6Poor debt management. Inability to manage debt affect business cash flow thus affecting overall liquidity .This affect normal business operations hence business fall out

7)Poor time management .lack of proper time management attribute to customer's inefficiencies and planning that make customers to shun your business.

8)Poor customers relations . Inability to to relate well with customers affect business performance that affect overall output of the business .

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